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Communications for Planning Applications

We provide a flexible solution for town planning projects. Right from the start, we deliver value through our extensive work experience on development projects across the UK.

Our team has worked on small and large development projects across the planning spectrum for private developers, district, unitary and county authorities.

Our sustainable expertise ensures we deliver a solution which makes a positive impact to the narrative of the project but also delivers a physical gain to the environment. We ensure the whole communications process is delivered through a sustainable lens.

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Development Consent Order Communications

We understand the technical DCO process and have worked on the highest profile significant national infrastructure projects. Our team has worked across transport, energy, maritime, food and supply chains delivering corporate communications, stakeholder relations environmental management and sustainable strategy.

We work with clients at project concept stage, pre-application, acceptance, pre-examination, examination, recommendation and decision, and post-decision stages. We provide sustainable statutory public consultation services which delivers a stronger narrative and provides social and environmental gain.

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Environmental Impact Assessments Communications

Our in-house expertise in environmental communications is unsurpassed. We bring a deep understanding of the process, direct experience of developing and managing EIAs and the creative and technical skills to communicate the process in educational and informative ways for a variety of audiences. 

Our leadership team has worked on EIAs for multiple significant national projects across energy, transport, utilities, social, housing, and urban regeneration.

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Construction Communications

We bring 20 years of experience to communications management for construction projects.

Our construction communications service includes media management, community relations, site tours (including development of tour materials and exhibitions), media tours, media content production, political communications and on-site commercial events with up to 1,000 guests.

We are used to working on site and are trained in Health and Safety. Our work on construction sites is carefully planned and executed using military based planning frameworks. This ensures our work is integrated with precision into the operations of the site.

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Grants & Bid Application Support

We provide support to bid teams and have led successful government grant applications. Our approach helps our clients to crystalise and communicate their bids to ensure clear understanding within the decision-making body.

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Public Consultation and Community Information

We deliver online and physical public consultation strategies that meet the needs of our clients and communities. 

We are skilled in managing public meetings that require information provision and feedback capture, through a structured and auditable process.

Our services, including, information booklets, design, copy, print and delivery as well as online public exhibitions are designed in-house using our technical and creative skills across communications, sustainability and environmental management.