Media & Political

Media and Political Services

A set of camera equipment

We provide creative corporate video pre-production, production and post-production services. Our creative team works with our sustainability and environmental management team to ensure the production values of our work is delivered through a sustainable lens.

We also provide a full-service website design, hosting and management service for client projects along with:

  • Site and Portrait Photography
  • Graphics
  • Visualisations
  • Virtual Reality
  • Webcasts and Interviews
  • Social media planning and execution

A full conference hall

We manage sustainable events for up to 1,000 guests executing professionally, creatively and to budget. We ensure transport to and from events, the event location and the event itself is managed through our in-house sustainable and environmental team.  We bring our technical skills in sustainable management to ensure the values of our clients are driven into event strategy. 


Close up of a camera lens

We have provided media relations strategy and communications services for engineering and infrastructure for over 20 years across multiple sectors. We have an excellent network of journalists across business, sustainability, infrastructure and environmental management.

We provide strategy, message delivery, press briefings, media communications, press tours, and interview training services.

We manage media events for infrastructure projects across all key stages. We provide creative but workable solutions, knowing the constraints that must be managed. 

Big Ben and the River Thames

Our political and government relations skills cover research, strategy formulation and execution.

We manage policy horizon scanning and parliamentary monitoring, government policy consultation, departmental, ministerial, and political briefings, tours, and parliamentary events.

We know how to operate across Whitehall and ensure all key stakeholders are identified for communications purposes. We have worked with policy makers across government departments including No 10 policy teams, Treasury, DFT, BEIS, the Home Office, DIT, DEFRA, and the Department for Health.

We have expertise at the local and county level, both at policy / officer level and councillor level.

We have experience in Brussels and delivering strategic political communications for transport and infrastructure. Our team has worked across multiple briefs at EU level and can help clients navigate the complexities of EU communications.